The main secrets of cooking... ;)

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Hi dear friends, my dear readers. If you like to cook delicious dishes, then, for sure, are interested in the advice and secrets of other good housewives.

This is very useful, because someone else's experience can save us from many mistakes, even in cooking.

Now we will disclose the main secrets of cooking so that your dishes are even more delicious, and the cooking process is easier. And so, write down.

The secrets of your dishes

  • If you appreciate the usefulness of food, then during cooking mix it exclusively with a wooden spoon. This will allow your dish to save more vitamins.

  • If you add a little salt and vinegar to sunflower oil and leave it for a short time in a tightly closed dish, it will not rancid.

  • Fried carrots and onions better brown, if during the frying sprinkled with a pinch of sugar. So the color of your soup will be rich and mouth-watering.

  • If you are cleaning young potatoes, before pre-treatment, first dip it into salty cold water. This will greatly simplify the cleaning process.

  • If you do not want your hands to turn black from cleaning potatoes, moisten them with a little vinegar before work, but do not rub them. Allow the hands to dry and proceed to cleaning the potatoes, not worrying for their hands.


  • To ensure that meat does not lose its flavor when defrosting, do not pour it with water. It is better to put thaw in a warm place. Water can wash the whole taste out of the product.

  • If you cook cutlets, then for their preparation it is better to take stale bread. Remember, from fresh bread cutlets will turn out sticky.

  • Stewed and boiled meat is ready, if it can be easily separated from the bones or pierced with a fork.

  • When frying fish add a little salt to the fat, then the pieces will not stick to the frying pan.

  • So that when turning in a frying pan the fish does not fall apart, it is better to salt it for half an hour before cooking. Then the pieces will be beautiful, mouth-watering and tidy.

  • If you knead the dough, add pure boiled warm water to it, then it will be better to knead and become soft.

  • To natural oil (olive, flax, vegetable), do not lose vitamins, do not heat it. Natural oils are useful only in a raw pure form, so it is better to use them as a salad dressing.

If you are a beginner mistress, then in order to improve your skills, you must constantly practice. In time, and you will have many own recipes and the secrets of making delicious dishes.


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Nice film.

In my place, cooking is a woman, and we as lovers of what is cooked, that's what we eat.