Bao, the Chinese stuffed buns filled with pure love

10개월 전

I would eat them all the time.
I never get tired of it.
I would eat it in quantities unthinkable for a human being.

I'm talking about Bao, the famous Chinese steamed stuffed bun.
For me the filling must be strictly pork, greased at the right point, spiced at the right point and with a taste that when you eat your taste buds begin to dance the Macarena.
The bun should be soft, a little moist and smooth on the outside, almost shiny, like a 100 carat diamond.
Ok, I know I'm talking about a simple stuffed bun but for me this dish of Chinese cuisine is so close to perfection that it can easily be equated with a priceless jewel.

Don't judge me, I have a crush on Bao and I don't think it will pass so quickly.

Nice ladies who sell my beloved Bao

My beloved Bao in all its glory

The stuffing of Bao, pork and love

I tried to make me go through this crush with another Chinese street food dish but, although I appreciated it a lot, this was not able to make me forget the emotions I feel every time I bite a Bao.

The competitor who fought my heart but failed miserably is the Mo a kind of Chinese hamburger with stewed pork and spices.
Very good, nothing to say, but unfortunately not up to my beloved Bao.

Nice ladies who try to make me change my mind by preparing a Mo

I admit... when I saw that delicious stewed pork, my heart faltered for a few seconds

And here is the Mo

Ok Mo, now I'm talking to you: you tried and you fought like a true warrior with courage and honor, but you failed.
I do not want you to take it personally, you are beautiful (no matter what they say~) very good and you have value, but you must know that it is really a mission impossible to make me forget the Bao.
I'm sure we'll meet Mo again and maybe then you'll be able to change my mind.

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