Planting and Eating Malunggay Snack


0zes3wdzle.jpgImage source: Pixabay

Yesterday before sunset, we planted seven branches of malunggay or moringa tree. We used to have malunggay trees but I'm not sure what happened why they removed it. Now, they want to plant some again. 😆We got the branches from our relatives when we visited their home last week.

We used a metal stick which my mother borrowed from our neighbor to dig a hole. The metal stick was heavy, it hurts my arms. I think I burned a lot of calories from digging holes. Haha

After dinner, we ate this malunggay flavored snack. It tastes okay and not so spicy. I would love thia snack if not for one thing that makes me hate it. Its texture becomes gooey or sticky after a fews time chewing it. Some bits stick at the corners of the teeth and it feels irritating. This is probably due to the cornstarch ingredient it has.


Malunggay is a nutritious vegetable popular in Filipino homes and Filipino dishes. Nowadays, malunggay is being incorporated on various snacks like this one for example.

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