Yummy Yummy! Great Korean Barbecue in Seoul !!! Feel GREAT!

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Hi Guys! ~ How's it goin ?

I hope everything is going well! ^^ How about me? Im doing great! Today i had great dinner so i feel very lucky and i want to share with you guys!
Today i went a new restaurant in my hometown and i had korean barbecue in there.
You know i live in Seoul near by Konkuk University Station.So if you planning about visit Seoul you MUST have a meal in Konkuk University station too!

No No No.....

If you wanna feel young you should COME! lol

There are 2 university in this town.So that mean is a lot of cafe,restaurants,pubs right?!!!
You can have good meal with good prices and you can drink nice beer or coctail too.I think thats great! And also you can try world cuisine in foreigner restaurants.If you planning about visit Seoul dont forget my advice OK? ^*

So lets back our topic
giphy (2).gif

This days when i search in internet about South Korea i saw many people talking about Korean barbecue.
All the world likes it.So today i decided to have Korean barbecue in dinner.
And of course took a lot of pics! ^*



Mouth watering right?

This is the pork with special sauce.And of course you can have a beef instead of pork or chicken too.One of my favorite things about korea is that water and many side dishes are served free with the meal!

And trust me every side dishes are great combination with main food!


cabbage pickle! it tastes sour and salty ! Btw all korean like cabbage and they use a lot when they cook!


lotus root? hmm interesting:D it tastes very sour and sugary!


young radish.it tastes great!


When the Koreans eat the meat they definitely eat with this sauce.
They called 쌈장 SSamJang with garlic.
If you interesting to korean food culture you should know garlic is very important for them.
For every food,every side dishes they definitely use garlic.


Salad ( lettuce,white onion,green onion with sauces)
when you take a piece of meat you need to eat with this salad!


or you can put meat, garlic,sauce,salad in this leaf and eat! YUMMY! ^^

giphy (9).gif

So if you gonna have korean barbecue you MUST order this soup too!


Soybean paste stew! its usually serving with free rice ^*



My husband like fish so we ordered this fish too. Its korean style grilled fish with special sauce!
Yeah Koreans are really like sauces!


And they served 2 shrimps for side dish! ^^


I think everybody should try Korean barbecue!
Believe me it will be great experience!


Lucky Day haha

tenor (2).gif


Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 1.09.30 AM.png

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Thanks for that! ^^ have a nice day!