Carbs bad for you?? (Ladies)

5년 전
in food


If you are doing 2 hours of cardio a day. Plus training. Then eating nothing but basically fish / chicken & veggies and you are doing this all to "Get Lean" then ummm YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!You will get lean the first time only because you are starving yourself and your body isn't used to the extra cardio and cleaner foods.

But if you keep doing that you are just destroying your metabolism and basically your body is in panic mode so is literally going to hold onto everything you feed it.You think you going to eat tilapia and asparagus forever. Metabolic damage isn't something you want to deal with. Plus you are ruining your hormones!Please do your research if you have someone telling you to do tons of cardio and that carbs are bad for you. Then I suggest you maybe ask around.

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