Eat Healthy, Live Healthy by Using Chia Seed (Tukh Malanga) in Your Diet for Summers

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Health Aspects of Tukh Malanga or Chia Seed

Chia seed is commonly known as Tukh Malanga in the subcontinent of Indo-Pak. It is used in summers when the sun is too hot for the purpose to retrieve the heat and save ourselves from the heat of the sun. used in cold liquids not only to enhance its taste but also chia seed plays a very important role in the body as discussed below:

Increase Digestion

Chia seed contains a lot of digestible fiber which is very good for digestion purposes. It has two objectives. One, when we eat fiber body will not be able to digest it or will digest but requires a lot of time. We will not feel hunger for a long time which will allow the stomach to digest the food well and also it will absorb water helps in releasing the residues of the digestive system. Second, the fiber will make us feel full so we will lose weight.

Healthy Glowing Skin

Tukh Malanga contains a lot amount of antioxidants in it, which will help in treating free radicals which are the reason behind skin cells damage and even cancer. These free radicals are very dangerous. Antioxidants will not only stop the damage but if damage happens, will speed up the repair process. Hence, providing a healthy glowing skin.

Control of Diabetes

Tukh Malanga contains fiber and alpha-linolenic acid, that is proven to control diabetes by controlling the insulin level in the blood. Insulin is the component that helps in maintaining glucose level in the blood. Increase in its level causes high blood sugar, and the low level is also not good. That will make the body feel weak.

Speedy and Good Growth

Fiber present in the chia seed is a good source of fiber aiding the body to produce high energy level. Fiber also helps in removing extra fat present in the body. Tukh Malanga also a good source of calcium which helps in the synthesis of good bone. Athletes especially use this for great strong bones.

By:Dr. Axe
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I love Chia seeds, I put them in my smoothies everyday. They have so many benefits. You can't even fit them all into one post!
You never even mentioned the Omega-3's.


The benefits are too great to mention in one simple post. Will write 2nd part for you sire @

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Chia seeds are AWESOME .. I add them To Smoothies and put them in my juice ... I try to have some daily!


That is a great way to use them

It's very healthy drink. i just love it.


I loves it too. When it comes in mouth..ohhhh i am at fast btw

hola talha, mañana voy a traducir que dice ese post por que me llama mucho la atencion lo que contiene el vaso. saludos. luego te escribo.


I have to translate it first..haha


that's the idea, that knows my language too,


now i undersatnd. Hoping to see that post soon...

Wow, I love Chia seeds though I don't eat often, your posts are full of informations


It is used for drinking purpose mostly. How is that possible living in indo-pak you don't use that lovely delicious seeds. Try them in your drinks and have a fair skin too

We called the seed as Biji Selasih. I love to drink them. Fresh! :)


Yes. The taste of fresh have no match

its great to know it will also help in losing weight. thanks for sharing @talha96

Wow, it's indeed healthy hy and informative post Talha 👍🏻

Will definitely try this chiaseeds sometimes

we called it 'sabja seed'


Great to know about it

I have not take this drink....send some to me lolz


Haha welcome sire. Send me the postal address or come to Pakistan.. lol 😋

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