Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Calcium and its Health Advantages

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Health Benefits

Calcium is a vital mineral element for the growth and maintenance of teeth and bones. Doctors suggest using calcium supplements who have issues with bones like osteoporosis.

Strengthens Bones

It is used to improve the structure and strength of backbone, so to relieve its pain. It also helps in preventing osteoporosis and arthritis. These ill conditions make a person to live on the bed. The patient cannot walk with these diseases.

Protects Cardiac Muscles

Calcium makes the heart muscles stronger. These minerals in proper amount help in heart muscles contraction and relaxation which helps in maintaining blood flow. If calcium level drops in the blood, calcitriol hormone is released that will lead to high blood pressure. Heart muscles need calcium on intra and extracellular level. Otherwise, the blood pressure will not be controlled.

Reduces Premenstrual Depression

If the level of minerals especially calcium I slow in your body it will trigger hormones that will lead to mood swings and depression. Calcium helps in maintaining the mode and such kind of symptoms that make our body look tired and dizzy.

Prevents Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are developed by the deposition and crystallization of calcium in the human urinary tract. Mostly found kidney stone is oxalate stone. In past ages, it was thought that the kidney stones are produced due to access consumption of calcium. But the latest research shows that high dietary intake of calcium reduces the chances of kidney stones. Oxalates are present in almost all type of leafy vegetables, that can cause the kidney stone.

Dental Care

Calcium helps in maintaining teeth strength by making the jaw and teeth strong. Calcium helps the teeth to grow in tightly so that bacteria that can spoil the teeth cannot grow. If you ever had a tooth-ache, remember to use foods rich in calcium. Calcium intake should be high in childhood stage and in adult stage for the better development f bones and teeth.

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