The study of personality associated with the preference of flavors.

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The preference of an individual for the sweet or salty taste has both a physiological and psychological basis, as well as multiple explanations.

Sweet: Is associated with satisfied people, sure of themselves and happy. They have energy that infect others, they are unpredictable and cause admiration. "Many times we prefer foods according to mood: if you are sad or depressed you take sweet". They are also hedonistic, caring and compassionate people.

-Salty: People who get carried away by what the majority says. In addition, they encrypt more the situations of the life and the luck in external factors that internal.

-Acid: "People with scattered thoughts."

-Spicy: For people who tend to novelty, they like strong emotions. They are cheerful but can develop anger, irritability and impatience.

-Citric: Joy and spontaneity, people who tend to have short-term goals.

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The study of personality associated with the preference of flavors.

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