When you are hungry at night, choose these 5 kinds of fruits, delicious and not fat

2년 전

In the evening, it is suitable for eating fruits. The fruits are rich in nutrients. For those who stay up late, they should eat more fruits and effectively supplement a variety of nutrients, which can alleviate the physical damage caused by day and night. People who regularly eat fruit can maintain their skin and replenish their energy. Let's take a look at which fruits are suitable for eating at night?

  1. Lemon is a favorite fruit of many people because it contains a lot of vitamin B, vitamin C, organic acid and citric acid. It is good for the human body after eating, especially suitable for eating at night. Because lemon is an alkaline fruit, it can play an antioxidant role, promote the metabolism of human skin, effectively inhibit pigmentation in the skin, and delay the aging. For those who often work overtime at night, they need to drink more lemonade. Lemons also appear in many cosmetics, which have the function of whitening and wrinkle resistance.

2, eating apples at night can add a lot of organic acids and folic acid, apples have high-intensity antioxidants, can help blood vessels clean, prevent cancer. People who stay up late at night will experience physical fatigue, lack of energy and other symptoms. Eating apples can quickly replenish energy and have the effect of beauty and spleen. Pectin in apples also promotes intestinal peristalsis, helps excretion, and prevents constipation. Eating an apple every night can also improve immunity.

3, suitable for vitamin C supplement at night, has great benefits for the skin and body. Grapefruit contains more vitamin C, calcium, etc., and can prevent gastric cancer and intestinal cancer after eating. Grapefruit can not only be used to strengthen the stomach, lungs, but also to improve immunity. It is generally recommended to eat one hour after dinner.

4, the grape is very powerful in relieving fatigue, because it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, the nutritional value is very high. After eating in the evening, you can appetite and digestion, help intestinal digestion, improve gastrointestinal function, as well as soothe the nerves, calm the air, and promote sleep, suitable for insomnia patients. Melatonin in grapes is also an important substance for promoting sleep, so it is suitable for eating at night.

5, kiwi contains a lot of vitamin C, not only can whiten skin care, but also improve the body's immunity. For those who often work overtime at night, it is easy to have low immunity due to inadequate rest, and you can eat kiwi to improve your health.

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