6th Cake within a week!

3년 전

Immediately after making the cake for Michelle, another person came asking for a cake to be made in less than 12 hours.

It's trendy cakes by trendyevents

When the owner came to pick up her cake, she was shocked and excited. She didn't know I would produce such, within a short period of time. That marked the highest number of cakes I've made within a short time since I began the art of cake making/decoration.
Cake making keeps my brain busy and makes me more happy and less sad. Everyone needs to know that happiness is best created by you. When you discover what gives you joy, you are sure to worry less and live long.
Money is good and very important but it's not the ultimate source of joy.
Between 7th and 14th of July, I had made a total of 6 cakes.
After that, came the graduation cake which I made last week and another is on the pipeline.
I'm so glad that I'm doing lot's of baking and decoration of cakes as this is helping me develop my skills.
Coming soon, is another skill I learnt and fell in love with, recently. Watch out for more on my subsequent posts.

Happy birthday Daniel

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More grease to ur elbow ma...


Thanks dear.

great blog and fantastic cakes yummy🎂


Thanks dear. These kind words are enough to give more inspiration.