What do Brazilians eat...

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All my friends asks me: " What do Brazilians eat? Is it like Mexican food?
Well I just went to visit my family in my home town Vila Velha in espirito Santo. And here is some of your daily meals. We also have our typical dishes like Moqueca Capixaba.

typical Lunch


My favorite Strogonoff

Fried Fish

Shredded Siri ( Type of crap)


manguezal crabs

After we eat the crab we add Farofa, black beans and Vinagrete "salsa" to eat inside.

And yes, do still love chicken feet.

My husband still can't eat all our typical food lol but he was tried all of it.

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Muito bom, valeu! Dizem que os estrangeiros estranham muito a farofa, para alguns é difícil aceitar a ideia de algo parecido como comer areia. :-) Uma dica, se for postar em português o pessoal do @camoes e @lusofonia recomenda usar a tag #pt. Sucesso e boa sorte mais uma vez!!