Change your lifestyle today, don't get ruined with food industry and live longer ! - ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting and longetivity

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I have decided that I won't be posting just photography and cinematography on my blog but also the new field that i have started studying which is food and longetivity. Sounds odd? I am still young why wondering about this stuff? Well the quicker you start, the better result will be. My first question is, have you ever felt like shit after eating a meal, maybe sleepy you wanted to just go to sleep and you haven't been really productive? Well cause to that could be too many carbohydrates and bad quality food. The ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting isn't really that hard to follow, and it will change your life so, so, so, so much ! Ever since i started this i am way more productive, healthy and mostly i feel so much better !

Let's start with ketogenic diet

All you have to do is drop the carbohydrates from your food like bread, sugars, wheat, potatoes etc. Change all that with vegetables !

intermittent fasting

a lifechanging stuff, don't be ever hungry or controlled by food, sounds like god mode huh? Do you ever feel so hungry that you just need to eat something and it's only 10am? Well drop that with intermittent fasting, cause to that is high insulin and that's from carbohydrates and sugars, that stuff makes you hungry ! How does it work? In 24 hours you make sure that you don't eat and you only drink water for 16 hours and other 8 hours you are allowed to eat, but make sure to not snack. intermittent fasting helps with longetivity a lot !

If you want to study more of this, make sure to check on youtube dr rhonda patrick, maybe a podcast with Joe rogan it's really good and easy to understand:

And dr. david sinclair on longetivity:

He also has a book called Lifespan, really good read i strongly recommend it !



So besides eating less sugars, carbohydrates and doing interminent fasting you can get yourself some supplements that help with that
dr. david sinclair's intake of supplements (if you don't know what are those supplements, make sure to listen to podcasts or read his book):

  • NMN or NR: 1g in the morning
  • Resveratol: 500mg in the morning
  • Metformin
  • Vitamin d and k2
  • Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids

The information that i am giving you here is ground breaking, no one teaches this yet and most people will not want you to learn this because following this kind of diet does not make money to the goverment ! Take care of your body, you only have one !



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it is crazy the reactions you get when talking about imf with others, "starving yourself?"😂😂😂


Yup i agree ! That's why i don't talk about it anymore, except on Steemit :) It was crazy to me in the begining aswell, but once you try it well i call it god mode :)


the high fat clogs your heart nonsense is still strong lol!