Kitchen Tips for everyone, specially for Bachelors!!!!

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Hello Folks,
So i am going to post something different, something interesting and very useful in day to day like.

Every home has Kitchen and i am sure after reading this it will be more better and more manageable place.
So lets start;;;;;;

  1. If by mistake or unknowingly you added extra salt to the soup or any curry, just add a peeled potato in it, The potato will absorb most of it.

  2. Add pinch of salt to boiling eggs , it will help them boil, without being cracked.

  3. Don't put citrus fruits like Tomatoes and limes in Refrigerator, it will degrade their taste and aroma.

  4. Always use salt in place of Detergent while cleaning iron utensils and see the difference.

  5. If your gravy burnt while cooking, just transfer to to another pan , add a pinch of sugar and start cooking.

  6. Burned a pan of rice? Just place a piece of bread on top of the rice cooker for 5-10 minutes,it will draw out the burned
    flavor. Do not scrape the burned pieces from the bottom of the pan .

  7. To check the freshness of eggs, take some water in glass jar, add eggs to it, the eggs which float are fresh and can be

  8. If you found an Ant home in your kitchen , just apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly , they will vanish soon.

  9. Always store you bananas separately , do not mix them with other fruits.

  10. To avoid potatoes from budding keep them with an apple.

  11. Leftover water after boiling vegetables like potatoes or pasta can we used to water house plants.It will acts a an organic fertilizer.

  12. Before defrosting meat , add some vinegar to it, it will tender the meat quickly and also helps in fasting up the process.

  13. Peel onions and keep them in Fridge for 5 mins and then chop, it will not make you cry any more.

  14. Plant a small Aloe-vera in your Kitchen, it will help you give first add if your scrape your arm or burnt your finger, just pluck one leaf and use the gel inside it on the affected area.

  15. To clean Aluminum pan , boil some apple peels in it.

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Hope you like these quick Kitchen Hacks.

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@chrispatt thank you for supporting .

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