Juicy aromatic orange pie!! Portokalopita


hello Steemit, here I am again!! This time I will represent you a juicy Greek orange pie which is one of my favorites desserts and very popular here in Greece during the summer months. The Greek name of the pie I will show you today is portokalopita which comes from the greek worlds "portokali" which means orange and the word "pita" which means pie although it is not exactly a pie, I would say that it looks like more with a cake.

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The first time I ate portokalopita was 4 years ago at a local cafe. A friend asked me to share one big fluffy piece and I accepted because I was curious cause I have never tried it before and as I have told you in the past I am a pastry chef. I thought why I have never made this dessert which is so popular? Sometimes desserts like these are boring as an idea and as an appearance because most people when they think baking and desserts they prefer to eat chocolate. But there is not only chocolate. There are plenty of other tasty and intense flavors that can enchant our palate.
So This day they served us the orange pie in a vintage dish along with vanilla ice cream. The orange color of the pie in combination with the intense orange aroma made my mouth watered. The first bite was a revelation. I was astonished from the rich fluffy flavor and all the aromas of the orange zest. Also, It was very juicy and very refreshing and the combination with the ice cream was great.

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I was feeling so happy with my new discovery, the next day I tried to make it at work but the result wasn't so juicy as the cafe's pie neither the orange aromas were so intense as I wanted. So I added more orange zest, and I added more eggs in order the pie to become more fluffy and pull more orange syrup inside. After 4-5 tests I had the recipe ready and exactly as I wanted. I put it in the menu of the a la carte restaurant of the hotel I was working back then. Very quickly the waiters tried it and they were amazed. As a result, they were proposing the orange pie to the customers and the restaurant was selling about 400 pieces of orange pie per month. People loved it because it was simple and tasty. I always like simple preparations with economical ingredients. A good chef can take a very simple ingredient and transform it into a masterpiece of flavor.

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So I think I said enough! It's time to give you the recipe!!
1 package of pie crust (450 g)
1 glass of water corn oil
4 eggs
400 g yoghurt
250 g sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
orange zest of 4 oranges

1½ glass orange juice
1 glass of water
300 g sugar
orange zest of 2 oranges
Juice of 1 small lemon

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The process of making is very simple. In the mixer first put the sugar with the eggs and beat them the high speed until the mixture becomes fluffy. Then lower the speed of the mixer at 1 and add the remaining materials (except pie crusts) and beat the mixture for 20-30 seconds till the mixture is homogenised. At last smash the pie crust with your hands as it is from the freezer and put the in the mixture with the rest of the ingredients, mix with a spoon carefully and try to avoid the pie crust to stick together in the mixture. The mixture is ready, now butter the pan and throw some flour from above to go everywhere in the pan in order the pie not to stick on it while it is being baked! Put the pie in the oven and bake at 170 celcious for about half an hour.
The process for the orange syroup is also very easy. Boil all the ingredients together for 5 minutes and let it cool. When you get the pie out of the oven pour the syrup on the hot pie and let it drink it. Leave it for one day in the in order all the flavors an the aromas to be united and orange pie will be great.

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That's it! Cut a nice piece, accompany it with ice cream if you like it, or you enjoy as it is plain, fluffy and aromatic.

DSC_1358 (2).JPG

This orange pie is a dessert that every time I make it, and I get it out of the oven, the whole floor, at the block of flats that I live smells beautiful and my sweet neighbor Viktoria is always coming from the balcony asking me what is it, in order to give her a piece! the smile and the satisfaction on her face when she eats it, make me so happy that every time I make a bigger quantity to have at home to treat my friends and my family! Because cooking is caring and I love to satisfy with my flavors the people around me.

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Thanks for stopping by..I hope you liked my post! If not I 'd love to hear any suggestions in order to get improved! Also if you have any questions regarding to the receipe, dont hesitate to ask. :)
My dog and I are saying good bye!! Its time to eat the Orange pie :)
See you in the future!!!

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thank you :)

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Wow, I like your style of presenting some interesting recipes... This here makes me think of the lemon version I often make. Thanks for this reminder. I put this on C² for you!


hello thanks for your comment..I also make it with lemon instead of orange sometimes..what is c2?

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I see that you have been visited by C²... now you know, I guess! ;)

Έλα η πορτοκαλοπιταρα!!!

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