Food ~ it’s always all about food for me

3년 전

It has been while since a wrote, and my friends on twitter encouraged me to come back and write again. So here’s my post for the week, let’s see if I can do this every week though I’m not committing to it yet.

So here goes nothing @jeanlucsr @thepixiepost

Food is one of the things in my life (and of course others too) I can’t live without... that being said, yes you need food to keep living, but I also need food to keep me happy.

I take so many pictures of food, I’ve literarily have no idea where to start. So I’ll just grab the most recent picture and go through some older once’s.


The picture above is what we in Suriname used to call “emergency food”. It’s plain and simple white rice and sardines in tomato sauce... with pepper.
Why we used to call it “emergency food”? Well... it was cheap, and if you don’t have enough money to buy more... a can of sardines in tomato sauce was always a good way to go. Of course when you have kids, who’re eating with you, you don’t add pepper. But yeah most of us do. Nowadays it’s not really emergency food anymore. The exchange rates have gone sky high and this little can that used to cost no more than SRD 5, costs almost 3times more! So yeah... no emergency there, it just another daily meal itself now. Sigh

For my next picture I choose this burger


This is a homemade burger... well partly actually. This picture is special to me. I’ve been making so many burgers these last view months, I can almost open a burger joint. Why you think? That’s very simple to explain. If you have a little boy who always has a burger problem almost everyday... sigh

Some key things to know:

  • always have patties in the freezer
  • always have buns in the freezer
  • always have enough condiments in the fridge <ketchup, mayonnaise or sweet onion
  • add ons, but not a must: eggs, salad, cheese

Making these for him, as his father usually lets me do it, makes me a superb mom/stepmom.

Okay... that’s it for today/week.

Thank you for nudging me to start writing again Jean-Luc and Jenn!

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If I had to make a choice, I would go for the sardines in tomato sauce, with lots of peper :) And guess what, I'm going to buy me some sardines because of this post ;)
Welcome back!


Me too! So that's were my "fongfong" pepre comes in handy! That's what you actually see on the picture. I can't do without the pepper. It doesn't have the "memory" effect for way back when. lol

Aww you're so welcome! This was a fantastic post & I love food too! 😊 Now the only problem is you just made me hungry!! 🤣🤣🤣☕🍞🎂🧀🥖🥓🥯🥓🌭🥜🥘🍟🍖🥖