#foodmodel Week 2 Winners + Week 3 Contest!

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I can't believe we are entering into week 3 of #foodmodel contest. Please help me spread this contest around, far and wide, as I aim to reward not only the winners but the participants as well. Steem value is dropping but my spirit ain't not. So yup, we will have week 3 #foodmodel. Thank you so much dear readers, for whatever you do to increase the payout of this post (the greater the payout, the greater the rewards for winners and participants). Thank you. Thank you. And. Thank you😊.

Without further ado...

Winners of Week 2


In case you miss it, this is NOT a photography contest as there are already alot out there in this platform. So don't worry if you don't have high-tech phone or camera. This is to showcase our food as models, to showcase those who participates, an idea for you to post, and to reward you. It doesn't need to be a long post (long or short up to you, I don't mind), I just want to see your food. Then, whichever foodmodel causes me to drool will be the winner for that week.

Somehow I had craving for beef noodle, some Chinese soupy food and some healthy salad (rare but yes it happens). My taste bud changes according to mood, to hormones, to whatever only God knows. It is unpredictable. For this week, the 3 winners are...


Beef noodle ala Kuching style (click here to know more of the model)


Yin Yang (Click here to know more of the model)


Healthy Salad (click here to know more of the model)

As I have mentioned, 50% of the STEEM's payout will be divided equally among 3 winners. And 0.15 STEEM each for the rest who participated (subjected to change according to my mood and according to Steem value. Hint: I am a generous person generally)

Photo showing the payout


Let's just round up to 0.45 STEEM per winner.
And 0.15 STEEM to the rest who participates; @danielwong and @luigi-the-gnome.

Proof of Transfer

Thank you Week 2 Food Models



Week 3 #foodmodel contest starts now

Let us see who is up to it for #foodmodel this week. Chinese, Western, Indian, mixed, Arabian, all types of food are welcomed. Come and be the models. Any #foodmodel, any language is welcomed (I can translate using G👀gle) . Contest ends when this post reaches payout.

Steps to enter the contest

  1. Take photo of your food and a short description of your food, around 3-5 sentences. No recipe is needed. (Although this is NOT a photography contest, but your model of food should look vibrant, enticing and appealing to the eyes.)
  2. Include the post of link of this contest and @iamjadeline somewhere in your post, so that people will know you are not spamming your post with photo and short writing.
  3. Tag #foodmodel
  4. Comment (below) with your post link so that I can find you.
  5. Upvote and resteem is NOT necessary although it helps to increase the prize pool.


50% of the STEEM payout will be divided equally among 3 selected winners (according to what I feel like eating that week, and according to the effort put into the 'model', either the pose of the photo or the description, it depends on my mood😜).


Easy Peasy! Let's showcase your #foodmodel now! :)


double trouble.png

Steemit Bloggers

Join us @steemitbloggers Animation By @zord189




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Thank you @iamjadeline for providing contest info on your post.

I will try to take part in your contest and I will donate generously to you.
hopefully it can be a good collaboration among steemit fans.


Thank you so much for being generous too. Please join and yes I intend to make this fun and easy for Steemians :)

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Wow I won!!!! Hahaha thank you and congratulations to @denion and @drawmeaship too!! It has been a pleasure participating in this contest because I pay more attention to food around me now.

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Congratulations!! 🎉💐👏

Yay, I wanna join tooo!


Lai Lai @joelai Lai Lai join :)


ok, ok comingggg....

I have been meaning to tease you with some food haha
Will make it this round
Yes I will 😊

Congratulations to the winners!!


Yes you will join and I am waiting. Lol :)


I will joinnnnnnn (said in a monotonous, hypnotised voice)... haha
Here is mine and this time I didn't wait for last minute ... phew

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Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much to having me in them:D im so happy!!


Congratulations and you are welcome. :)


Thank you:)

so i wasted my chance for the past two times, now, i should join this! since they call me the food goddess after all 😂


While you are reading this post, meaning contest entry is opened! Let's join. I post food pics most of the times.


Oh yes food goddess must have her array of foodmodels :)

Hey , Hey this looks fun. It has been a while since I did a food post. Just looking at the photos of the winners makes me very hungry. This is one of the reasons I love it here.....there are a lot of foodies!


Yes me too. Everytime I look at the food I am hungry. I hope I will not gain weight due to this contest haha.

As and when you can please do a food post and join the contest :) #foodmodel.
Thank you for your support @watersnake101.


You are welcome @luigi-the-gnome. Join again you can join every week nothing to lose but need some time for the post. :)

Wow, food contest! I love taking food photos!
hmmm... that's a thought... resteemed!


Thank you for the support and resteem. Yes take some photos and let your foodmodel join the contest :) hehe

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