Thai pineapple and shrimp fried rice.

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Pineapple fried rice is one of the many well known dishes in Thai cuisine. How the dish is served that what makes it stand out and not to mention the flavour complex.

I think the reason why Thai food is becoming more and more popular everyday, It is because of layers and layers of flavour.

Sweet salty sour bitter and spicy you can find all of that in Thai food. In most dishes there are at least 2 of those tastes combined perfectly balanced and complimenting each other.

I know Thai food is also known to be on a hot side loaded with chilies, but not all of it is hot.

This pineapple and shrimps fried rice is mainly salty and a hint of sweetness from the pineapple. I love cooked pineapple. The heat brings out the juiciness and the flavour from the pineapple.


Like I mentioned above the way we serve this dish is very pretty. You can choose to serve it on a regular dish but if you’d like to serve it in a pineapple bowl just follow the paragraph below.

To make pineapple bowl, You going to cut the pineapple in half then you will hollow out the pineapple leaving the peel intact. You can start by running a sharp knife along the inside edge of the peel about 1/2 inch in and go all the way around the pineapple. Then run the knife from the top to the bottom be careful not to go through the peel. Put the knife in 45° angle make another cut from the top to bottom. At this point you should be able to take a wedge out. If not just keep running the knife around the edge. Continue the same process untill you get all the flesh out. Be careful not to cut through the peel. And of course save the flesh for the fried rice.


In this recipes I’m using small pineapple which will be an individual size serving.


If you would like to make it for 3-4 servings you double or triple the recipe and choose a large or extra large pineapple.

Here is what you will need or the fried rice. I will also write a full recipe below.


Ingredients for the seasoning


Before we begin the recipe let’s give you guys a little tip to make any fried rice. The best rice to use for the fried rice is chilled cooked rice. Like left over from the night before. This way the rice won’t get mushy as you are cooking it further and seasoning it. Or you can also use less water to cook the rice than normal and under cooked it a little.

Fried rice is usually cooked in high heat. So you should have all the ingredients you need ready on hands. Once you start it will take about 5 mins to cook.

Shrimps are not to be cooked too long or they will be chewy.

Well I think I have cover all the basics so let get started with the recipe.

This recipe yield 1 serving.


Cooked rice 1 cup
Raw medium size shrimps 4 per/person
Pineapple chunked 1/4 cup
Red onion diced 2 tbs
Red pepper diced 1 tbs
Green onion thinly sliced 1 stalk
Garlic , clove 1 small


Olive oil 1 tbs
Thai Fish sauce 2 tsp
Chinese rice wine 2 tsp
Oyster sauce 2 tsp


Put olive oil in the wok or a big skillet on a medium heat.

Add shrimps and garlic. Cook shrimps about 2 mins on each side.

Turn up the heat to medium high then add the rice and red onion. Keep stirring for about a minute .

Add all the seasonings and the rest of the vegetable. Stir for a min.

Put the fried rice in the pineapple bowl and serve!!


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Love this post! The way you laid it out. Explaining each step. Great pictures. Since I am a foodie going to have to try and make this one. This is my very first comment on a post. Viewed a lot this was the most appealing. Now to figure out how to resteem it.


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Christ that's yummy! Well done!


Thank you!! 🙂

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Niicee!! This looks so good 😋


@tylerjmusicc thank you!! It just as good as it looks I promise! 😃


Awesome 😊

Daamn, looks yum!


@pixelprince thank you!! 😄

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Love that !!! Perfect combination...


@bungardini thank you so much! I love this combination too.

Perfect combinations, thanks for sharing.


No problem. Make you follow me for future recipes. 😃

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Absolutely will do!

Wow such a yummy looking dish, I will try your recipe for sure :D
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😮 Hmm..yummy

simply beautiful and perfect presentation, I would like to go to Thailand and delight in these exquisite dishes, in view you can perceive that they are explosive foods in color and flavor