Let's Holiday Begin!

4년 전


Every holiday season I cook the Christmas fruitcake and as soon as it gets closer and closer to the date, it’s a time to share the recipe. This cake is pretty easy to cook and it gets eaten super-fast. All you need is just dried fruits and nuts and a Christmas magic for sure.

Ingredients for cake:

Pitted dates (half of the cup)
Walnuts and almonds (mix – the whole cup)
Raisins (the cup)
Dried cranberries (the cup)
All dried fruits you like (it might be cherries, pineapples, etc.)
1-1/2 cups brandy
1/2 cup flour (I prefer to use the coconut flour)

Dredge all fruit, nuts, and brandy in half a cup of flour and let stand on the counter, covered, overnight.


Ingredients for cake:

Butter 450 grams
1 cup of brown sugar
8 eggs
Spices (nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon)
3 cups of flour and half of the teaspoon of the baking powder.


Preheat oven to 275°F.
Mix all ingrediencies together.
Add fruits mixture in the ingrediencies and mix well.
Place everything in the lined with parchment deep loaf pan and bake 3-4 hours until the cake would be brown colored.
Enjoy with the whole family!

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Looks yummy! I like fruit cake. It gets a bad rep in the US.


why? originally it's a European (I think mostly german style of baked goods), so yummy if cook it properly.


Lots of cheap store bought fruit cakes in the states. Not good. home made always 👍

Вкусно? ;)


когда сам готовишь, все вкусно!


Привет. А я потерял изготовителя вкусняшек. Думал, что уехала на дегустацию новых блюд.