Amare La Cucina 😍


Hello everyone! Miss you all yesterday. Its another long day because I went out with a friend as early as 2 p.m. yesterday. She waited for me at Mc Donald's. It was another unplanned date because she decided to go out early from her work. Nagtext lang siya na nakalabas na siya sa opisina nila at nagdadrive na ngunit wala siyang alam na pupuntahan.


I told her that I was about to bathe my nanay. I intentionally get up so late because I don't have work on Saturdays. Its already 11:30 a.m. when I replied to her. She said she will buy stove and electric fan. I told her to try to go to Robinson's Appliances at Manna Mall. At parang nagplano na rin kaming lumabas. Sabi niya mag iikot ikot na lang muna siya sa Manna Mall don na lang daw niya ako hihintayin.


To cut the long story short we were able to buy everything we need to buy on that day. She bought her stove at Robinsons and we bought some stuffs at D.I.Y. before we go to CSI. I finally bought our electric fan there. Ilang linggo nang sinasabi ni nanay na bumili ako ng bagong electric fan kasi maingay na ang dati naming gamit.


And again to cut the long story short we proceeded to Amare La Cucina, San Juan, La Union after our mall hopping. We were so tired and hungry after hours of walking and buying things.



We finished these yummy foods and went home around 7 p.m. already.

Please stay safe and healthy at all times. I love you all. 🥰🙏

Thank you so much for your time. God bless us all and let us keep praying for each other and for our world. 👍🙏💚🙏👍

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I am forever grateful to God every day of my life for giving me everything I need and praise Him all the more for not giving me everything I want. To God be all the honor, praise and glory ❤ :-)

I am @sashley a.k.a. shirleynpenalosa, a recipient of God's love, mercy and grace. :-) ❤

Have a blessed Year 2020 everyone :-) ❤

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