Wood fired Duck and a Dirty Martini


at Marsh House in Nashville TN.
http://www.marshhouserestaurant.com/ If you're looking for great seafood this is a fantastic spot. Their British Columbia Raw Oysters are to die for. Delicious! 😋



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Love grilled oysters. Mmm

And that's sweet! Love duck.... Quack!!!!

Edited... It autocorrected and made me spit my soda through my nose and die of laughter.

And someone showing gratitude... Definitely voted and sharing. Also putting it up for more rewards!!!


Of course!! Can't wait to see more! And finally someone posting sustainable foods and shows gratitude. That's something I've been shown a huge lack of by the vegans.

Pretty funny. But here is a meat eater being grateful for the food that is here. And the respect for the animal.

Can't wait to throw you Votes! Nice job!


'putting it up for more rewards!!!!!!' is code for "nothing"

notice his entire vote was worth less than a penny.... and you upvoted both his spammy comments for 7 cents EACH lol

gf is a goof


I really don't care. People can post whatever they want on my page and as long as it's a positive message they'll probably get a 100% upvote. Best regards to you

Our oysters are very expensive and I have never tried them. But they look appetizing :)


Well you should try them some time. Oysters are one of my favorite foods


Well you should try them
Some time. Oysters are one of
My favorite foods

                 - mantishands

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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