Football Brings Everyone Together.


It doesn't matter how old you are and it doesn't matter which gender you are. If you are into football, it's impossible to leave this beautiful game out of your life. It will always have a warm place in your heart. At least that's how it is for me and millions of other people on this earth.


This weekend we had an event to celebrate the start of the season for our first team FK METTA that plays in the highest division of Latvia. We are doing this so that our youngest players can meet their idols from the first team, get their signatures and even play with them against their own parents and coaches.


This event is called - The Big with the Small and it's a traditional thing to start the season. From rope pulling and FIFA corner to various contests and lotteries, this event brings families closer together to enjoy the beauty of the game.


In the end, we always have a delicious pizza to refill the energy and keep the day going!


After this event, some of the teams had a tournament to play in so for these kids it was a long but rewarding day with lots of fun and of course - football!


In the end - here's me trying to dribble past the kid. I said trying because I got tackled so hard that I fell. I guess - playing against the coach gives you the motivation to play even harder than in the training.

That's it for today!

Football is love!

Football is life!

ps. all the photos were made by a brilliant photographer - Sanita on Instagram

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that is the best advantage of football


It surely is!

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