2 days off to get set for the quarter final stage

3년 전

In the ongoing FIFA world cup tournament, today is a rest day and no match will be played. The final matches of the round of 16 knockout stage were played yesterday and so there is 2 days off before the quarter final stage resume.


We now have 8 team left contending for the trophy, the teams are:

  • Uruguay
  • France
  • Brazil
  • Belgium
  • Sweden
  • England
  • Russia
  • Croatia

Two matches will be played Friday 6th of July and the other two will be played on Saturday 7th of July.

Here is the quarter final fixtures

Friday 06/07

Uruguay vs France
Brazil vs Belgium

Saturday 07/07

Sweden vs England
Russia vs Croatia

I think the star match for this quarter final is the match between Brazil and Belgium. The captain of England, Harry Kane is the highest goal scorer so far with 6 goals.

I hope we see more beautiful goal in the quarter final stage

I remain my humble self @fatherfaith

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We will see who will carry this cup this time around.

Nice information. Bro which country you support. Thanks @fatherfaith


I go with France bro


Wow, Bro My country maximum people like Brazil and Argentina. But I like Fast France. Same to you. Many many thanks.


You are from which country?

Thanks for the update resteemed

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