Mohamed Salah Injury Update

2년 전

Mohamed Salah was the biggest hope of liverpool and Egypt fans in world cup. But yesterday in champions league final he was injured which ruled him out of Final yesterday and may be also World Cup 2018.


According to reports he has suffered from "shoulder dislocation".

Klopp: “It’s a serious injury, a really serious injury. He is in the hospital for an X-ray. It’s either the collarbone or the shoulder itself. It doesn’t look good, that’s it."

According to NHS "A dislocated shoulder takes between 12 and 16 weeks to heal after the shoulder has been put back into place.”"

So i think there are only few chances that he may take part in World Cup.

Salah "“It was a very tough night, but I'm a fighter,” he wrote.

“Despite the odds, I'm confident that I'll be in Russia to make you all proud. Your love and support will give me the strength I need.”

This is heart breaking moment for Salah fans and all football fans. He has taken his team almost single handly in this year FIFA World Cup but he may miss this football festival due to injury.

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