Liga MX, MLS or Brasileirao. What is the best league on the American continent?


A question often asked is, which is the best football league on the American continent?

The answer could be simple, the Brazilian one, without a doubt. But in recent years the Liga MX has brought great European names, such as Gignac and Thauvin, and in its most recent feat, reached the unprecedented final of the Club World Cup, against Bayern Munich.

The biggest difficulty in measuring forces in America is the fact that the continent is divided into two confederations. CONCACAF, which covers North, Central and Caribbean America. And CONMEBOL, which represents South America.


However, the need for a truly continental club tournament is latent. The CONCACAF Champions League is dominated by the Liga MX, and the Libertadores increasingly has the predominance of Brazilian teams.

The certainty is that football in the new world has not yet reached its full potential

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