For argument sake: Who is the GOAT?

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Who is truly the greatest between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?
These two are the greatest in the game and have been winning titles back to back making then awesome.
Looking at the picture just makes me wonder out aloud, "Who is the greatest?"
It took Messi 16 years to seal 34 hatricks and that is a record anyone will gladly have and brag about and that makes Messi the GOAT as he is called... Then enters Ronaldo, making that same record in 9 years, 7 years short of the GOAT.
The interesting thing about this is that, Ronaldo secured that number first before Messi and did it in 9 years. Talk about a record breaker? Screenshot_20191110-1045021573531986536.jpg
The interesting thing about this is that, it wasn't Messi who created the record in 16 years, it was Rinaldo who created it in 9 years and it took Messi 16 years to level up.
Many will argue that Messi or the greatest of all time while some other will argue that, it is Ronaldo that is the greatest of all time, but I will argue that, we should allow the numbers speak and write the story about these two.

A quick quip:

Messi has only played for Barcelona and struggles to impress in the National team level.
Ronaldo has played for the Manchester United and now Juventus and impresses on National team level.

Who is the greatest of all time?
Is Ronaldo the new king of the game?
Has Ronaldo always been king giving his performances for different clubs and country?

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