You don't necessarily have to be an LFC fan to admit that this team is made of steel...

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...Valyrian steel actually. Ever since this crazy German arrived, there is a breeze of hope and ambition around Mellwood.

In fact there is hope and ambition wherever there is an LFC fan around the globe. He was the missing piece...and I can assure you that great things will happen as long as he keeps sitting on the bench as a LFC manager. This is his 4th year in Mellwood and even though he still hasn't delivered what most fans have been patiently waiting for, almost thirty years now, he managed to drive Liverpool to three consecutive European finals. Two of which in the CL.

Yesterdays game was not an exception to This is Anfield rule. There is not a single team in the world who can feel safe , no matter how many goals aggregate they may have. It doesn't really matter that "outsiders" were almost certain that Barcelona will be in the final. What matters is that we know better...And since yesterday...they know better too...

It's not the first time this was happening...and if there is one team out there which is made for ths kind of games...this is LFC.

You can ask FC Milan's supporters how do they feel about this one.....

Or you can ask BVD's supporters as well...

Now it was Barcelona's turn...and it was absolutely glorious.

Keep on dreaming...

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I don't think that i have ever wanted to see them win a game before but by the end even I had to say they deserved it and that they should go through. It was a total performance from start to finish and they didn't let Barcelona get settled for a minute.


First leg Liverpool was also the better side...
That 3-0 was fake as hell

What a match it was! Absolutely fantastic! I enjoyed it :)

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