Football Can Be Soooo Brutal

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Football can be so brutal. And I am not talking about physical brutality. I mean emotional brutality. In the eleventh run, we didn't make it into the Champions League. Yesterday we played as many of you already know 2:2 against Red Star Belgrade and with that outcome we are out.

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This is the basic in competitive sport. That's why the athletes are training hard to bring themselves in better conditions as the component. Physically and mentally. There will always be someone who has to lose. But honestly, no one wants to be the loser. And for me, there is a difference if you lose one game in the regular league or when you lose a game like yesterday. Added to that the fact is that we played much much better, where in front with two goals and lost everything in just 2 minutes. Don't ask me how this happened I don't know.

When you try it eleven times, and you never make it happen it truly hurts.

Why, why, why is firing in our heads looking for answers. It feels like someone is hammering on your soul.
And precisely that is also a part of the competitive sport a brutal reality which has the power to break someone to take his joy from this sport. I saw this already a lot of times and it happened already with me too. But when we think rationally its just a game. But for athletes it isn't. It's more than that. Especially when you do it already for a long time. The athlete within you became a part of your identity which can be good but also bad. More about that in a different story.

What Is The Left at the end.png

For me, it's not the first time, and I will play my part to be a blessing for my teammates. Encouraging them to look forward, the past is set in stone there is nothing to change anymore. It is also a fact that the next game is already waiting on Sunday. Not much time to be sad. A helpful thing in my opinion. The circumstances force you to leave the cave of self-pity. But a win on Sunday can change the direction immediately.


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Sometimes yes losing can be of real pain and as we already have seen that in every losing end we do get to learn something and we can improve on that spot so that it does not happen again but yes it does hurts like hell.

To be honest there is nothing that can be said that might make your mood up but you and your team mates should move forward and help each as support it sure will act as a more strong bond.

You sure a strong Person as I have seen in the past , lighten up your spirit and keep on going.

Unfortunately I just lost my JOB today and yes feeling kind of lost and yeah keeping strong and I am sure something will come up. Life is all about ups and down we should get through it with our mental and physical situations.


Everything happens for Good Reasons.


Woooow what String wird’s coming from you in the time where you have lost your job 😨 my friend I am so sorry for that. What happened if I am allowed to ask but you don’t have to answer my friend. Feel free.

Thanks for your words knowing what happens to you they are even stronger for me.


Honestly I wanted to cheer you up buddy and the thing is that Yes I am in a very tough position right now it was one of the main source of my income but yeah I do have to be strong in order to get past the situation and the company is just closing its branch in my area that is it.

You guys should also go on that is what I would like to say :)

While your support came in almost at the right moment and i am really thankful buddy to you for that.


My friend I feel with you. I am so sorry, really I am. I was schocked when I read your comment. I don't want to drag you down, I love how you react and how you stay positive because thats for sure not easy after someone loses his job. This testifys whats inside of you.

I would like to know more about you. How old are you? Where do you live and what kind of Job did you do.

For sure only if I am allowed to ask?


If it happened few years back I would have reacted on a different way but life has really happened to me at least. So taking things positively has sure become of the bright things that I got to learn from my past.

I am 26 by the way and some problems got into the life but yeah every time some solutions does comes out and for that i am really grateful to the Almighty.

I am from Bangladesh and I was working in a Consultant firm. While all things happen for good at the end that I always believe in.

It sure was nice to get to open with you buddy. You are a wise man I have been here for some time and I have seen many users but you sure are different. Thanks for taking the time buddy !

There will always be someone who has to lose.

Thats a bitter truth. Everyone can not win else success will have no value. This hard truth is not only in football but in other areas of life. The issue is not about loosing but the good we see in the loosing act.

Looking ahead as you rightly said is the only way one make success despite previous failures. It takes one who has failed before to know the true meaning of success.

Failure is part of success!

@modernpastor look ahead and not behind, there are successes still ahead, go for it!


Powerful words my friend. I agree with them even it’s hard and my feelings are telling me something different.


Sure it will always tell you a different thing because we are humans.

Of recent, i started seeing

Failure as a teacher and not a life partner


Awesome! I love it! 😍

@modernpastor, I'm so sorry although I know that can't help much. My heart broke as I read this...I felt your own heart break, hurt and disappointment in every paragraph. I pray you and your team win the game on Sunday. Good luck love


Thanksgiving for your kind comment I appreciate it.


Lol... @thanksgiving...Auto correct yeah? It's always my pleasure @modernpastor

As a sportsman, you have no choices about how you lose, but you do have a choice about how you come back and prepare to win again.

Losing is only temporary and not all encompassing. You must simply study it, learn from it, and try hard not to lose the same way again. Then you must have the self-control to forget about it.” – John Wooden

This helps you good to go for the next games. Go bag your 3 points on Sunday fam!


Wise words my friend, wise words. I appreciate them.

jetzt den Fokus 100% auf die Europa Leage! lg

Ein berühmter Trainer sagte schon mal:
Fußball ist ein Scheiß Spiel!

Ahh, ich weis es wieder Rapid-Trainerlegende Ernst Dokupil


Es ist ein Scheißspiel 😆

Manchmals läufts eben nicht so wie man gerne würde... Klar 11 mal in folge ist schon ein Happen anders sehe ich das ihr 11 mal in folge Meister geworden seid. 11 mal die Besten dieses Landes in dem ihr Spielt. Ich sehe nicht den Negativen Aspekt dessen das Ihr es nicht in die CL geschafft habt... ich sehe eher den Negativen Aspekt das andere mit 1-2-3-4 Mannschaften automatisch darein rutschen und andere Meister erst gar nicht mitmachen dürfen... da sehe ich den Fehler im System Was ist das für eine CHAMPIONS league wo nicht CHAMPIONS dabei sind und CHAMPIONS nicht Teilnehmen dürfen... aber nunja das steht eh auf einem anderen Papier


Da sagst du was Wahres.
Zum Glück ist es ab nächstem Jahr nicht mehr so. Dann hat der Meister hier auch endlich einen Fixplatz.
Ich danke dir für deinen Kommentar.


Das ist wohl eines der schönen Sachen am neuen Modus, bisher habe ich ja noch nicht viel von Dir zu diesem gehört... ich würde mich freuen von Dir einen post zu diesem neuen Modus zu finden wie Ihr das als Spieler Empfindet und was diese änderung für die Liga bedeutet ausser das es zb den FESTEN Platz nun gibt ;)

P.S. Wir warten immer noch auf Dich im Discord ^^


Ich kann dazu noch nicht wirkich zu sagen, da ich ihn noch nicht erlebt habe. :) Aus der theoretischen Perspektive klingt es natürlich attraktiv. Es ist schön, weil man dadurch mehr attraktivere Spiele in der Liga hat. Gerade dieses 4-mal gegen einen einen unattrakiveren Gegner nervt schon ein bisschen.

Das mit dem fixen Startplatz ist antürlich super, denn dadurch lässt sich die Saison noch besser genießen und am Ende feiern und zu guter letzt die Sicherheit in der Königsklasse zu spielen 😁.

Schick mir nochmal den Discord Namen 🙈



It can be brutal indeed. I can not say I'm not happy for Red Star to finally play in Champions League after all the years since they won European Cup in 1991, but this time Salzburg was a much better team, created several goal scoring opportunities. But that's why this game is so exciting. Good luck in European league, @modernpastor.
P.S. I think that incident with Marin Pongračić did not help your team at all. It seemed like a turning point of this game.


You’re right. It was a turning point.
Thanks for your comment my friend.

Already commented but on the other chain.

Hi Modern Pastor,
I feel your pain.
I played sports including football for many years.
It’s tough physically and mentally to play sports due to the physical wear and tear, but the mental wear and tear from the emotional high of winning and the corresponding low of losing. But I learn as I am sure you do from both, perhaps more from my losses then my wins. It’s not how many times you fall down it’s how many times you get back up and try again. But it’s not just getting back up, it’s how you do it. As you have indicated, you get back up with style, grace and class supporting your team mates. This in sports as in life is the key to success. I like your post because you want to be a blessing and lift up your teammates by example and spirit. These attributes transcend sports and are invaluable in life.



Very well put. I think you grasped what @modernpastor was saying.


Your right. Sports is good training for life, as preparing the mind and body are important.

Hey Ray ;-)
wish you the best of luck in the upcoming game tomorrow. Stay focused as you before.

all the best,

I haven't been a big Red Bull Salzburg fan so far, but noticed your Steemit blog here last week, and yesterday I cheered for Salzburg and hoped that you would get on to the Champions League... Sorry about that. I mean, it feels terrible as a fan when your team loses a match like yesterday, and it can be hard falling asleep and thinking it through in your mind how things would have been different if this, and if that...

Can't imagine what it must be like as a player, just like you are! Keep up the good mood (as best as you can), keep playing, and God will lead you to victories and wherever he wants to take you! :) God bless!

Ps: Will be cool to follow you in the Europe League though... hope you will get into a great group!

Really seems to be a bad curse or something :(
Hope you guys will probe Europe next year why you belong in the CL! heads up!


Thanks my friend. 👍🏾

I still haven't found you on scorum! Damn :D

I was watching PAOK-Benfica, rooting for another portuguese club to make into the champions league and when I searched for your result I was incredible surprised, specially because you were ahead 2-0, and their comeback was too crazy.

As I said, I didn't watch your game, but you mentioned that your team was better and controlling on the field and this are the hardest games to lose (especially with so many millions on the line for the club).

But the future is bright, you are back in Europa League, but you can make a pretty good run again, and maybe even win (which immediately secures the champions league spot next year).

I guess Salzburg main goal now is the internal competitions, so I can only wish you and your team good luck for another tough season ahead.

Brother, I'm very sorry ... I had a lot of faith that they would win ... and I imagine how you should feel because in addition to being your job is your passion ... however, the important thing is to get up to improve strategies, the falls are learn to achieve something better ... remember those people who failed and did not give up and today are very recognized ... Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, JK Rowling, Michael Jordan ... among many more.

You will see that with a lot of perseverance and a lot of effort they will be able to be in the biggest leagues! God will bless you.
I give you this verse:

Schade, Ihr tut mir echt leid. Aber so ist das Leben eben, es manchmal eben ein verdammtes Beben geben! Aber das nächste Jahr kommt bestimmt

a global game, I like soccer games

That is what makes it a game ,either you lose or you win.

But let your team not feel too bad for the lossed match rather ,let them take it as a challenge to work harder next season so as to qualify.

Nice game you played yesterday upon you came in second half you made a difference ,love the free kick .


I saw the freekick already in 😫
Thanks for your encouraging words my friend.

It's a pity! Be prepared to face the competitions in Europa. You can win and get automatic qualification for next season champions league. Best of luck with your target!🔥

Totally true @modernpastor, good post.

Interesting team. RB are clearly creating a buzz for on their pitch performances, but also for the involvement of their corporate sponsor. But, a good team. I would expect to see them there next season.


Next season for sure 👍🏾

emotional brutality is really painful! just a few months ago the FIFA world cup made our country colorful with thousands of flags. But two most supported teams couldn't play final and I was shocked to see some committed suicide. We just can't think it is just sports and game. I hope your team will win on Sunday. do your best and the result will be yours I hope. All the best for today.

You're truly a blessing @modernpastor continue inspiring many people!❤😊

God bless you brother. I hope you are well. Today my husband (@theonlyway) and I were watching the progress of my Steemit account, and since you are voting for me, my account has made great progress, we are really very grateful to you. Thank you for taking me into account, I will continue working daily to not disappoint you ... Then my husband surprised me, with a gift he made for you, as a thank you ... we hope you like it:

modern pastor.gif

At first He designed you one very cool football avatar, but the program did not allow download, so He design you this simple to can download it.

followed ;)

Stopped by but now see this is 13 days ago...

It's been a while that I haven't seen your post. Hope all is well with you @modernpastor!😊

We miss you Ray - hope you are well and congrats for winning against the RB brother from Leipzig.

Hello Brother how are you? I thought you would make a publication for the HF20 but it was not like that ... I hope everything is fine. Blessings for you and your family!

Hey @modernpastor I know you've been off because of the season. Just know your steemit fans are here for you and fully support you

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Good luck on Sunday, maybe you can use this loss to help you to focus even more.