football was dominant by public school but later consisting.

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football was dominant by public school but later consisting of workers made up the majority of the another change was willing to pay the best player just joined this was the start of Professional football slowly ticket for the games was sold initially the game was restricted to England but over a period of time it move to other countries to the Federation International a day footballers Association was founded in 1904 and the foundation Act was signed by representatives from France Belgium Denmark the Netherlands Spain Sweden and Switzerland England and other British car and Switzerland England and other British countries did not join FIFA from the start they had invented the game and so no reason to support in 82 and Association still they joined in the following year but would not party in the world cup on till 1950 domestic League 2and very soon distracted driving initially there were no black players but soon day to join football became a part of the Olympics and also the FIFA World Cup had its origin please have created a great enthusiasm in the spectators the because have their own version of football and hence they have a distinction between Football and Soccer today the latest addition to the game of football is futsal as it is called this game is slowly gaining in popularity but can be no such as yet to the original game of football.

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