Barcelona's anxiety is rising ...

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Barcelona's anxiety is rising ...

Before the war, the opposition will be seen to be weak, will give! But think of the 'weakness' of the opponent and also think about themselves. Barca supporters allot big disappointments in this thought. Since leaving Neymar, Barcelona has not found anyone in place. Usman is not able to keep up with the attack on the Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez. Cristiano Ronaldo has left Real Madrid for Juventus, and he has named Juventus. Ronaldo, who has kept eye on him, Real, Neymar and Kylian Mbabpe also have not told to come. Asbestos fans have a lot to dance! Ronaldohein Real is a lot of laughing at this moment. Barcelona have a great 'gain' when Real starts this new season. Berser also has problems in midfield. Javvy has not been as good as ever since before the departure of Barsha midfield. Andrés Iniesta has left Barca before the World Cup. Barcelona did little to fill the gap in these two legends. Barca, keeping an eye on Paul Pogba, Adrian Robot, the Willians, to fill the vacuum of Eneesta. The Catalan club has also proposed for Robiott, Willian. Especially Chelsea's Brazilian attacking midfielder Willyn wanted to do so much. Barcelona has offered two twice to Chelsea to get the 29-year-old Brazilian footballer. But Chelsea did not agreeBritish media reports, Barcelona offered a fat proposal of 70 million euros to get Willian. But the proposal has also returned the Stampford Bridge team. Meanwhile, the time has come for the start of the new season. Barça do not like Real, nor need to start a new season from the messy

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