Suddenly one day two together ....

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Suddenly one day two together ....

Messi - where will you go?
Ronaldo - going to Juventus, but I'm not getting rickshaw.
Messi - Let's go ahead with you.
Ronaldo - Cycle ??
Messi - Hu, I'll go to the story.
Ronaldo - Well let's go.
Messi - The back of the boss.
Ronaldo - How many are your son?
Messi - 3 people Yours?
Ronaldo - I also have 3 people.
Messi - How much is your balance ??
Ronaldo - 5pm What is your
Messi - I am also five.
Ronaldo - are you dropped out of the World Cup?
Messi - second round, you ??
Ronaldo - Hey, I've been dropped in the second round.
Messi - I'm really sorry, Ray?
Ronaldo - why ray?
Messi - Without the World Cup, will the football world remember us?
Ronaldo - Those who love us love the World Cup, and those who do not love us are not the World Cup, they actually never loved us.
Messi - You're also making 4 goals, and I'm just one goal.
Ronaldo - What is that beta? You've scored 4 goals in 2014 and I'm just one goal.
Messi - Tao I miss the beta penalty.
Ronaldo - Hey I'm missing the penalty too.
Messi - What is the brother?
Ronaldo - yes Ray brother.
Messi - Tell me a thing?
Ronaldo - Yes.
Messi - Those who love you love Manchester United, love you in Real Madrid, and if you go to Juventus, you will love it there too.
Ronaldo - It's good to hear Ray Brother.
Messi - Well, listen, do not forget me.
Ronaldo - what do you say? How do you forget Sitting on the first bench together all the time, I hope to stay from the front. You do not forget me brother or brother.
Messi - I will not forget you. The night will be on Facebook. Knock it
Ronaldo - It's okay.
Messi - Well be good.
Ronaldo - Thanks, brother.
Messi - Hey, thank you, do not thank you for the benefit of 3 people this year.
Ronaldo - Okay him.

Messi is the best? Ronaldo is the best? Brother is the best of two. For now, these are omitted. And maybe they will play 3-4 years. Rival did not think that everyone enjoyed the game together. When they retire, then we will understand what we have lost. Hey brothers, we were very fortunate enough to see them.

Likewise, Messi and Ronaldo have survived the era of ages between us all. :)

Messi Messi <3
Jay Ronaldo <3
Win the football <3

Vivo Messi :) Viva Cristiano :)

Bidrar: I hope to see forgiveness if something goes wrong. :)

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