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Buffon beautifully said goodbye to Juventus

Goalkeeper "Juventus" Gianluigi Buffon made an appeal to the team and the fans.
Recall that tomorrow, 40-year-old goalkeeper will hold his last match in a T-shirt, "Juventus". The player who spent 17 years at Juventus will play Serie A with Verona.
"Six thousand one hundred and eleven days Six thousand one hundred and eleven moments of pure passion Joy, tears, defeat and victories
Thank you Everyone has helped to make every moment of my life special in T-shirt" Juve ". became the second skin for me.The skin I wore loved and respected
Tomorrow this journey will end The book that we wrote together closes I have many emotions Too many It is inevitable that a new journey will begin The new book It must happen "Juventus" will always be important for people and he will write important pages in his book, which in my opinion will be endless because this club has a unique DNA that can not be repeated, and that's great. "Juve" is a family. "My family." I will never stop loving I called him my house because he gave me more than I did for him
I arrived at the stadium on a bike I was so young and tomorrow I want to leave from there, enjoy every moment, feel the sadness of the team. And the joy of salutes. And welcome teammates and friends, whom I will never cease to call BROTHERS. Always yours, Gianluigi Buffon, "Buffon wrote in Instagram

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