European Championships Betting Challenge Day 12 Bets



Yesterday Recap

North Macedonia v Netherlands Prediction Netherlands and 0-2
Result Netherlands and 0-3 Return 125 TRX

As expected North Macedonia got beat just should have gone for 3-0 instead of 2-0

Ukraine v Austria Prediction draw and 0-0
Result Austria and 0-1

I really thought this would play out a draw but fair play to Austria for getting the win

Finland v Belgium Prediction draw and 1-1
Result Belgium and 0-2

Poor Fins they did really fight hard but in the end they just couldn't hold on, wasn't really much point in backing Belgium here from a value perspective but alas the Fins couldn't hold up.

Russia v Denmark Prediction Denmark and 0-2
Result Denmark and 1-3 Return 166 TRX

As expected Denmark provided a performance that got them not just 3rd place but like a miracle they actually snatched 2nd

2 Games today

Croatia v Scotland
Czech Republic v England

Croatia v Scotland

Scotland don't impress me and though they got a draw against England I can't see them getting anything out of this game. They didn't perform well at home at all and if that gets to them as I think it will, Croatia will win. Also Croatia are a top side and they are due a good performance it all seems to point to that being in this game.

Prediction Croatia 100 TRX @2.4 and 2-0 25 TRX @12.2

Czech Republic v England

England don't inspire me with much confidence and will they have any desire to win this group and meet the runner up of France, Germany or Portugal, I doubt it. I see a cosy non eventful draw here.

Prediction draw 100 TRX @3.82 and 0-0 25 TRX @11.2

Starting Bank 7,500
Betting Bank 7,451 - 250 + 125 + 166
New Bank 7,492 TRX

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