European Championships Betting Challenge Day 3 Bets



Not a great start for us yesterday with Italy completely dominating a poor Turkey side and winning almost effortlessly 3-0. Turkey really will have to improve if they are going to make any progress.

Another 3 games on Sunday

England v Croatia
Austria v North Macedonia
Netherlands v Ukraine

England v Croatia

It was very disappointing when we lost to Croatia in the semi final of 2018 World Cup, whilst I think France would have been too much for England in the final, missing out on that final spot was hard to take when we had done so well and had the best draw possible in a World Cup. Fast forward 2 more games and we have had a 0-0 and a 2-1 win against Croatia and I am going for England to win this. England at home should drive us on but I don't think it will be a rout.

England win 100 TRX @1.64
Correct score 2-1 50 TRX @8.8

Austria v North Macedonia

Difficult game this, both lower ranked teams but I have gone with Austria as slight favorites though the draw was also a consideration. Going with a slender 1-0 win also. Austria have won both their previous encounters 4:1 and 2:1 and I think they make that 3 wins on Sunday.

Austria win 100 TRX @1.8
Correct score 1-0 50 TRX @5.34

Netherlands v Ukraine

Ukraine come into this unbeaten in 6 games but I think the Dutch will be too strong for them. Except for the 4-2 loss against Turkey the Dutch have been in fine form, just that 1 loss in 10 games..

Netherlands win 100 TRX @1.62
Correct score 2-0 50 TRX @6.53

Initial Bank 7,500 TRX
Current Bank 6,450 TRX

6 Results outstanding

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