European Championships Betting Challenge Day 5 Bets



Day 3 Recap

England v Croatia Prediction England win and 2-1

Result England win and 1-0 Return 164 TRX

Austria v North Macedonia Prediction Austria win and 1-0

Result Austria win and 3-1 Return 180 TRX

Netherlands v Ukraine Prediction Netherlands win and 2-0

Result Netherlands win and 3-2 Return 162 TRX

We got 3 result predictions correct but nothing amazing and the correct score is proving elusive, so for that reason I am going to reduce stakes to 25 TRX on those bets.

Tuesday we have 2 more games

Hungary v Portugal
France v Germany

Hungary v Portugal

This is a difficult one, Hungary on a long streak without losing (11 games). Portugal will be favourites but Ronaldo is now 36 and I think the value here is to go for the draw. The only problem is the correct score I am going to go with an entertaining 2-2 draw.

Draw 100 TRX @2.29
Correct score 2-2 25 TRX @22

France v Germany

Another difficult match to predict here we have two heavy weights, current World Champions France and Tournament specialists Germany. I am going to go with France, Germany can start slow and France are a top team but really any result in this one is possible.

France 100 TRX @3.36
Correct score 1-0 25 TRX @7.62

Starting Bank 7,500
Betting Bank 6,622 - 250 + 506
New Bank 6,878 TRX

5 results outstanding

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