European Championships Betting Challenge Day 7 Bets



Day 5 Recap

Hungary v Portugal Prediction draw and 2-2

Result Portugal win and 0-3

France v Germany Prediction France and 1-0

Result France win and 1-0 Return 526 TRX

Thursday we have 3 games

Ukraine v North Macedonia
Denmark v Belgium
Netherlands v Austria

Ukraine v North Macedonia

North Macedonia are going to be the whipping boys of the group so have to go Ukraine. Ukraine have to win this and then a draw or better against Austria may be good enough to go through.

Ukraine 100 TRX @1.65
Correct score 2-0 25 TRX @7.02

Denmark v Belgium

After the terrible injury in the first game to Eriksen I just can't see Denmark recovering as a team and Belgium are just oozing class right now.

Belgium 100 TRX @2.05
Correct score 0-2 25 TRX @8.71

Netherlands v Austria

Tricky game this, both good teams and the Dutch will be favorites but with the format of up to 3 teams going through I see this one being a draw. The Dutch have North Macedonia to come and I think a draw more or less gets both these teams into the Knock out stages.

Draw 100 TRX @4.06
Correct score 1-1 25 TRX @8.01

Starting Bank 7,500
Betting Bank 6,878 - 375 + 526
New Bank 7,029 TRX

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