European Championships Betting Challenge Day 8 Bets



Day 6 Recap

Finland v Russia Prediction draw and 1-1

Result Russia and 0-1

Turkey v Wales Prediction Wales and 0-2

Result Wales and 0-2 Return 673 TRX

Italy v Switzerland Prediction Italy and 3-0

Result Italy and 3-0 Return 449 TRX

Friday we have 3 games

Sweden v Slovakia
Croatia v Czech Republic
England v Scotland

Sweden v Slovakia

Sweden are favourites but Slovakia will have their spirits up here having already beaten Poland and a draw for them would surely put them into the last 16. Sweden did well to survive against Spain and really didn't offer much. Sweden will have to up their game and go with a win but I am going for the draw here.

Sweden v Slovakia Prediction draw 100 @3.41
Correct score 1-1 25 @6.73

Croatia v Czech Republic

I wasn't expecting the Czechs to win against Scotland and that really does put them in a good position to get 3rd spot and possibly a berth in the knockout stages. However I can't see past Croatia and England topping this group so going for a Croatia win here.

Croatia v Czech Republic Prediction Croatia win 100 @2.18
Correct score 3-1 25 @18.3

England v Scotland

Though England didn't look overly impressive (well to me at least) in their first game they got the win which sets them up for this game. England will outclass every player on the pitch and I cannot see any other result than an England win The correct score is a bit more difficult and I am going to go with 2-0 but 3-0 or even 4-0 wouldn't be unexpected.

England v Scotland Prediction England win 100 @1.32
Correct score 2-0 25 @5.44

Starting Bank 7,500
Betting Bank 6,917 - 375 + 673 + 449
New Bank 7,664 TRX

6 results outstanding

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Hi there! are the bets are made on trx? How to do that?

· the main betting site on Tron!


Thanks but I didn't find any betting option. Do you have discord or any other way to talk to you in detail?