European Championships Betting Challenge Day 9 Bets



Day 7 Recap

Ukraine v North Macedonia Prediction Ukraine and 2-0

Result Ukraine and 2-1 Return 165 TRX

Denmark v Belgium Prediction Belgium and 0-2

Result Belgium and 1-2 Return 205 TRX

Netherlands v Austria Prediction draw and 1-1

Result Netherlands and 2-0

3 Games on Saturday

Hungary v France
Portugal v Germany
Spain v Poland

Hungary v France

I was very impressed with France so going with them and 4-0

France win 100 @1.29
Correct score 0-4 25 @13.1

Portugal v Germany

This is going to be a very tough game Portugal had a great 3-0 win but Germany looked really good against France and you can never write them off

Germany win 100 @2.29
Correct score 25 0-2 @10.2

Spain v Poland

Spain did everything but score against Sweden and I think they will beat Poland easily

Spain win 100 @1.32
Correct score 25 2-0 @5.84

Starting Bank 7,500
Betting Bank 7,664 - 375 + 165 + 205
New Bank 7,659 TRX

6 Results Outstanding

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Good Luck Brother! with your forecasts.