European Championships Betting Challenge group stages recap



Yesterday Recap

Slovakia v Spain Prediction Slovakia and 1-0
Result Spain and 0-5

Sweden v Poland Prediction Sweden and 2-1
Result Sweden and 3-2 Return 300 TRX

Germany v Hungary Prediction Germany and 3-0
Result Draw and 2-2

Portugal v France Prediction Draw and 2-2
Result Draw and 2-2 Return 726.5 TRX

Starting Bank 7,500
Betting Bank 7,232 + 300 + 726.5
New Bank 8,258.5 TRX

Profit 758.5 TRX

With the last result and correct score we booked a profit for this phase of the tournament.

I initially was going to do the whole tournament but I might leave it here and take this profit which was just a bit of fun but always nice to book profit.

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