Victory in the last game of the championship. 25 round.

3년 전

Our young team "OBLGAZ" is opening a new Chapter in my life. Been with us five years and all these years we have grown in its development. Today we hit a wall that I want to punch. Including on the platform Steemit. Our team participates in the championship of the city of Mogilev Futsal. Our dream is to play in the championship of the Republic of Belarus and to reach a new level of skill. For this we need help. We really appreciate Your support.


The last game in the championship of the city of Mogilev with the team "Metallurg" ended with another victory for our team. This victory was 10 in a row. We took the 4th place in the championship. They scored the same number of points - 58 with the team "Arsenal", which took 3rd place. By results of personal meetings we took only 4 place.

"OBLGAZ" - "Metallurg" 7-3.

All Steem Dollars will go to support the team "OBLGAZ".

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