FM 2020 - Arsenal FC: Repeating Invincibles - Tactics and Transfers

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Hello football enthusiasts and gamers!

I started my FM 2020 series where I will try to repeat the unbelievable season Arsenal FC did back in the day when they were named The Invincibles. They finished the season without any loss in the Premier League and made a history no one ever did before. If you're interested to read about Intro post, you can check it out here.

In this edition, I will talk about the start of the season, tactics, and new transfers and how they fit in.

So, buckle up!


We all know a good team must have great players, but what's behind the scenes is much important. I am talking about coaching and tactics.

If you're a manager who can get most out of your players and make them a team, it is really hard to play against you and win.

To be able to get to The Invincibles status, I must be sure that tactics and managerial approach are on the elite level. Some may call me perfectionist and I cannot disagree with them :)


My plan was to use a familiar 4-2-3-1 tactics. But, one thing poked my eye constantly so I had to create new tactics. The thing is that I have 2 great strikers, Lacazette and Aubameyang.

It is hard to pick between them and it is hard to keep one on the bench. So what happens is that none of them can't get into good form since I like to rotate a bit more than others do.

Hence, new tactics was born. I decided to go crazy and create a bit unbalanced tactics in hope it will work and confuse my opponents.


New tactics can be called 4-2-2-2. It is a bit weird but I wanted to have 2 strikers and keep other great players in the first team.

The only thing about this tactics that I don't like is that I cannot use Bukayo Saka on AML position. But luckily, I have another tactics that will be used when Saka comes in. I am also not in hurry since Saka is only 17 years old so he got a lot of time to get used to play as AMR also.

Also as you can see, my Left Back is turned into Wing Back to compensate in front for the hole I have because of not having AML.

Also, this will be the first time I will use Regista role for my DM. That position will be played by Xhaka since he is aggressive and creative at the same time.

I really hope this new tactics will work and give me some new insights how to be better and make my goal accomplished.


I almost forgot! I mean, I did forgot until FM20 made me remember. I am not in Champions League this year, I am participating in Euro cup or Uefa Cup, as I like to call it.

I gotta say that the draft was really good to us and it will be an easy road to get past group stages.

I like when I get easy group to test my youngsters and bench players to see are they up for the challenge of playing for Arsenal. It also helps me to give them some playing minutes so they don't get upset for not playing.


We finished the preseason with good results but we didn't manage to play every player that much to gain enough match condition.

As I said, I like to rotate players so it is always a bit harder at the beginning, but when they get it rolling, it is really hard to stop them.

But luckily, the preseason went great and it was time to test ourselves in the first league match.

Watfors arrived on Emirates and caused a lot of panic, but luckily new tactics gave its fruits and the game finished 3:2 for Arsenal.

In the next coming matches, you could see how players are struggling with new tactics, which is totally normal. But as games went on, players got used more to tactics and they started playing really good as results indicates.

II am watching Extended Highlights and sometimes Full Match just to see what are cons of my tactics and what aereas I need to improve to get better. I know it is not good to change tactics but I need to make them perfect so this period will be crucial tp get through.


As you can see, the only player I bought to replace Ozil is playing more than good. There is a period for a player to get used to new surrounding, tactics, and league. But, Luis Alberto already played in England so it helped him to settle down quicker.

But, I didn't expect such immediate impact. He still didn't score any goals but he assisted 6 times in 4 matches, which is more than great for start.

His assists are there probably because he is our main man for any free kick or corner. But still, he delivered like no one before. If he continues to play like this, I will be able to build my team around him just like it was planned with Ozil.


The second player I want to highlight is Pablo Mari. He is on loan from Flamengo and he plays Central Defender. I am lucky to have him since my central defenders are really old and not that good.

He plays with David Luiz in tandem and I have a corner tactics where a corner taker is trying to find him.

So far, this corner tactis is working fine. I am lucky Luis Alberto is great with taking corners and Pablo Mari is strong, can jump and his heading is decent.

These are the reasons he already scored 2 goals in 4 matches, more than my first striker Aubameyang.

He is still trying to settle down in Arsenal and London so his defending is sloppy at time and you can see that he needs more play time with his partner in defense. I am sure he will be better and I will probably buy him at the end of the season.

With all this said, I can't wait to continue playing. I still got a lot of work to be done but when you have a good start, it is easier to get others things done.

We still didn't play any big match so I wonder how that will go. I am not giving myself big chances against top teams but you can never know.

Maybe this new tactics will get me to accomplish my goal and for the first time in Football Manager to finish the season without any loss.

Time will tell and I am up for the challenge!

Thanks for reading!

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


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