Forced perspective / art effect / water cup/woman in the glass😋

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the key is creativity and imagination. It is achieved by mixing the background of the photo with the foreground, making it seem that the two objects have the same importance. Of course, these two objects will have different sizes and it is precisely this that will deceive our eyes, creating an optical illusion.
To achieve the most beautiful and impactful effects, we must consider the following factors: composition, zoom and point of view.

Before throwing the photo, you have to have thought about the composition you want to achieve. You have to be clear about the idea of ​​the photo you want to achieve and from there place the objects and / or people in the right place and move the camera slowly to get the two objects to connect. It is better not to use a tripod since you will have more room to maneuver by moving the camera yourself.

These pictures that I will share with you, are mine ... I hope you like them and provide comments to improve the technique. 😉


Water cup


Woman in the glass


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This is awesome! great post


Thank you very much, I hope your vote 😊