Forex Signals USDCHF 01:30 pm 10th september 2019

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Today's trading signals are most profitable in our analysis as the market is clear and great for trading today . The market looks very positive today as we seen that early hours market had tested the resistance level and Now its a reversal for the the pair to be staying around the current position.



We will only Offers the instant orders here because the pending orders need a regular posting every hours that it should be stopped and canceled when its not filled on time.

Instant OrderPrice
STOP LOSS0.99953

The traders keep in mind that please always used the small lot size when you are not 100 % sure about the market plus to be on safe side you should select small lot size. This time the trade signal should only be sell option at this place .

My Own Open Trades Screen Shots:


As the current market price is at "0.99145" the main resistance is shown with a Red horizontal line which is at "0.99303" and the main Support line is shown with the Yellow Horizontal line which is at "0.98035"._

Detail Of The Open Trade:

source is MT4 Terminal

From our analysis we have make hundreds of pips per month for our trading accounts management i am the financial manager in my town as well which is honor for me to serve as a trader both in forex and crypto world now.

It should be kept in mind that do not wait for the exact figure of the take profit something is better than nothing you can watch if you get enough profit from the pair you can manually stop the trade and take the profit from it.


we are not a financial advisors we are doing the analysis for the fun and we are just sharing our experience of trading with the steemians and other traders to help us with their experience, You comment regarding trading will be really appreciated.

All the traders who are new to the trading they must be very careful with the lot size and leverage for sure because if you are losing the margin you will be not able to make a reasonable profit from the pairs we discuss.

Source Of the pictures

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