EURJPY Shark & 5-0 pattern. Sell - NOW

2년 전

Confirmation hit with this candlestick pattern that price will go down

This is a good candlestick pattern, my favorite, and although I would have liked the wick to have closed a bit lower (the last red candle), it's still a good indicator (84%) that price will move lower with the next few candlesticks. These candlestick patterns are stronger with larger timeframes. This is the 1hr

Taken a bit earlier to illistrate the pattern.

Shark & 5-0

Price has hit D point, and should continue to fall. Look for a reversal at the 50% zone, because there will be support/resistance there from the B point.

good luck, and remember to use proper risk management!

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Ayyyyy! look at the bounce at the .618!

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