CBM Global Review: One Year Forex Trading Results *2019* | Automated Forex Trading 2020


These are my one year CBM Global forex trading results of 2019. What do you guys think of the results? This company is going places, I can't wait to see the evolution of the cashback in 2020.. Steadily on my way to financial freedom! Learn how to build a passive income with this revolutionary automated forex trading software from CBM Global io
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If you are good at it then trading yourself always yields more but I don't think that's an option. You need years and years to learn everything and then there is also the "emotion" factor.

Doing everything yourself, watching a screen every day, software updates, the stress, the high impact news gathering, following all market segments closely, ensuring a flawless connection to the internet, too much work… I want freedom!

That is why I chose a reliable Belgian company that has been around for 9 years now and has been continually working on improving their forex trading software with very good trading figures as a result. A company where everything works transparently and separately .. Where my money stays on my personal broker account and is allocated to the software that trades with that capital. Working with a Top 5 A Book broker (currency trader) who has all licenses. My money is in an account of my own at Barclays Bank, not the least!

Our savings lose their value on your bank account. With CBM Global it remains your money, only with the difference that you get an LPOA return on it.

Build A Passive Income With The Nautilus EA Forex Trading Software:

You can participate in the fund from 1000 euro, under 1000 euro simply in the MAM Managed Account. Everything happens via A Book brokerage, not the retail B Book brokerage that the Market Makers work with. The minimum allocation amount is 250 euros on your broker account (and subsequently 1 license for each 50 euro on your broker account).

What does CBM Global Belgium offer:

  • Multiple income streams

  • Passive income builds automatically

  • A cashback system based on Fibonacci

  • A sustainable, tested and automatic calculated cashback system. Growth takes place automatically and comes in through more than one channel which is integrated into the system.

  • No knowledge required

  • Collaboration with one of the best and award-winning brokers in the world

  • Unique product: the only company in the world that has built & can build a Fibonaccimatrix

  • Farming: your capital stays on your personal account with the broker - harvest the fruits: your income from matrix growth, from trades and from other linked systems of the company. The "work money" remains your property

  • Automated forex software trading in the largest market in the world: the Forex market + cashback received from the commissions that the broker earns. So profit or loss, that doesn't matter because commissions are always earned by a broker: "The house always wins". Now also receive a part of "The house". The only thing needed for this is a stable software which we have, Tradeunity: a sophisticated in-house built trading software.

  • Pay only a 5 euro license fee to earn up to 20% passive income in the long term on the amount that you place with the broker EVERY MONTH! With a one-off investment of 5 euros you can trade 50 euros on one of the most stable trading software in the world + on top of that, as long as you leave that 50 euros with the broker, an income / cashback on the commissions that will grow to 10 euros per month. AND, the 50 euros will always be available if you need them. If your capital on automatic pilot grows to a profit of 50 euros, you will again receive an extra income that will grow to 10 euros / month. The more compounding, the faster we all build up more & more passive income.

CBM Global.io is even going to generate extra positions for the customers from the commissions and they will also grow to 10 euros / month through the incubator program.

The trades are one of the five possible revenues.
It requires no daily action, no monthly action, and no additional payment once you have started.

⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️: The information in this video is an opinion and is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. I am not guaranteeing you gains on your investment and the content I produce is my own personal approach, opinion and strategy in this highly speculative market. Past results don't guarantee future results.

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