Stop searching for holy grail because it doesn't exist

4년 전

By Nkoloagu Johnson Amaechi

Why wasting your time and hard earned money on systems that promises $1000 in just a few days. Relax your mind because it doesn't come easily like that. Forex trading is not as easy or very hard business as most trader think. You can make your fortune from comfort of your room from trading forex.

There is no holy grail in forex so stop searching for it. Nobody knows what will happen in future, also no trading indicator can predict the future. Then why must forex traders depend or hope on these indicators which will not tell you for sure what will happen in future. You rely your hard earned money on a programmed system that cannot think like a human being. We all know that forex trading is all about predictions. We all try to create holy grail system which is not possible and doesn't exist, a magical indicator that can not show us 100% accuracy. If holy grail exist everybody will be a millionaire in forex. I am still looking forward to see that failure proof forex robot, system, Forex sniper etc. Randomness in forex, random walk is a series of movement of an object or changes in a variable that follows no discernable pattern or trend. 80% of forex price acton is random in nature, then only 20% is what we need to make money. This is a bitter truth which all trader must understand and deal with. How can we trade the 20% price action and avoid the 80% price action. That is when filtering comes into play. Don't trade all price action only concentrate on that price action which you know very well. Avoid high impact news or create a methology to trade it. I can't refer you to any indicator because most indicator comes with different colour which only show what the price action did in past. They can't tell the future. Most custome indicator show a colourful historic price action without any future indication. I have witnessed how these indicator change colour immediately the price change direction. Do you think it be 100% accuracy? No it can't tell the future.

A simple profitable forex system with few forex indicator with a good money management is all you need to succeed or become a professional forex trader. Always trade with discipline,don't over trade. It takes a trader with a strong heart to succeed in forex. Allowing a winning trade run is not an easy task. Always cut the loss Short and allow the profit run, control your emotions. Don't stop your winning trade. Stop jumping from one forex forum to another looking for failure proof indicator or failure proof forex system. Stop wasting your time and money on eBook that will teach you everything you need from forex trading because forex is dynamic and what suit you may not suit other trader. There's no forex system with 100% efficiencies, but stay with one system even you start losing because it will still turn to your favor. You can trade forex with relaxed mind in comfort of your room or when you are on go. Stop searching for holy grails when it is giving to you here for free. Just learn basic language in forex and join my trading forexwagons.

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