Keeping the pace

7개월 전

steady pace

Keeping up the pace.

While something to write about is not very forthcoming. Something still needs to be wrote. The value of what is wrote comes later on. Much later in fact.

The value from what is done now comes from accumulation. By putting something out there other things can happen because of it. Doing nothing brings back the same nothing. On that logic doing something should bring back something.

While the something coming back right now is a small something. It is still something.

Still thinking on ways to keep the account growing. Other than posting which I think is the fastest way. Also playing Drugwars which is very little growth. A bit of self voting does go on too to help the growth a bit. Although the vote value given is very very low.

It all comes back to the same thing, every little bit helps. So I will keep on getting the little bits and saving them up.

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A little bit now can grow to a bigger bit later.

Keep it up


Will do thank you.