Fortnite Log (Week 11)


Season 6 has started, timed nicely with my return from a week abroad. There are some major changes to physical gameplay with this new season so I want to start off this week with not only refreshing old muscle memory, but also beginning to integrate the incorporate the new mechanics. Here are some of the particular focuses going into this week -

Custom Button Mapping and Instant Editing

Probably the most impactful change to console Fortnite is the capacity now to set custom ‘button-binds’ to the controlled, allowing you to choose what buttons does what action. This opens the door for much more experimentation and comfortable play. Every player can now adjust the controller’s nature to their own playstyle and pace.

This is particularly pertinent for normal console players that don’t have an expensive ‘pro’ controller like a Scuf with extra paddles on the back. This was a major barrier to fluid play, i.e. shooting and jumping simultaneously, which led to me buying an add-on to my PS4 pad. Now, you can easily reassign needed functions like jumping to the L3 button and get just as much maneuverability as someone with more options.

It also does away with needing to depend on a delayed trigger. Editing an existing structure usually required a time-sensitive hold of the O button on PS4. You can now instantaneously edit, a lifesaver in many nuanced situations.

From ‘Shoot ’n Build’ to ‘Shoot and Reposition’

I harped on the point of building just after shooting for a long time. Every other shooter game in the past has rewarded consistent accuracy and firing, which makes transitioning to a game like Fortnite very difficult. The reality is, unless you’re up against complete noobs, continuously shooting will likely transition any advantageous situation, like getting the first shot off, into a 50/50 standoff. This is not good. Thus, there is a need to recondition muscle-memory to build right after shooting.

I’ve been expanding on my play a bit to not just build, but taking the time to build into a more advantageous spot. It isn’t just good enough to gain 1 or 2 levels of high ground. You have to place yourself in a way, depending on external factors like 3rd parties or the terrain, that you can get better shots off or into a safe position. I’ve noticed more pro players taking small ‘breaks’ to disengage for a moment, build up, and reposition so that it isn’t just a height advantage.

I’m pretty excited to start exploring Season 6 with a few months of practice under my belt. As always, let me know if you’ve been slay’n it on Fortnite and maybe we can stage a few games!

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