50k people are still watching a blackhole that’s now been streaming for 16hrs (lol, fortnite)

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I really really hope that it stays down.. .

it would be the best way ever and go down in history as the best exit of a modern gaming title ever — I mean everything has a shelf life really in the world right? After ten seasons and years and years of team work on this ‘product’ surely at some point you have to pull the plug anyway, no matter how much money it’s making — what if you turned all the things you collected in game as NFT tokens and they could be traded on a new decentralised exchange that epic built ;)

Instantly turning those in the attention economy into investors overnight, that would be an interesting turn of events. It truly showed how a popular gaming title could hold the attention of five million people concurrently across the world, of course tweets were manipulated and the hashtag used as a delivery method for those looking to get eyeballs on their content. The never ending cat and mouse game of AI and real world reporting.

if they took the game down now forever this game would be also remembered forever, if epic also shut down and vanished that would complete the exit for me.

Anyway, personally I kinda hope that it’s gone for good, it won’t be of course, in fact maybe it might go for seven days, you know the world was created in that time period they say. .. ;)

Also I’m kinda interested how @drdisrespect thinks about all of this — apart from the party and excitement of fortnite being dead to him (bet he’s pumped) I’m guessing that he’s pulling assets together for his stream today like crazy, if nothing else the debate about the numbers thing after he’s been putting codes and numbers in his content around the area51 segments he put together, did they straight up lo-jack the dr’s idea?

I do wonder if a lot of the high level streamers are in on this, that they knew or know how long things are gonna pan out for. It’s kinda crazy the numbers of people that were tuned in their streams and how many subs these guys were getting — I guess it does effect their financial day to day income if they can’t play the game they stream to an audience that wants to watch it, with five million concurrent watches during the event and YouTube coping better than twitch it’s kinda interesting to see how that plays out in the whole ‘where to stream from’ conversation that’s been going around since ninja moved to mixer.

dug their own grave? If whatever they have planned for the return is garbage then they might end up with more trouble than they thought, beware anyone that plays with gamers DOG (denial of gaming)

But I also wonder how many kids are actually effected by this, I saw kids throwing things at TV sets, not understanding what was going on, that the event turned into a ‘denial of gaming’ attack (DOG for short) on the customers, streamers and investors — I mean, it’s a heck of a brave move to say that a game is DONE by sucking the whole game world into a blackhole and then STREAMING it for over 16hrs (at this count) putting out numbers and hiding a mini game in that.

I wonder how many people are re-evaluating their life choices also in this moment, away from the constant uploads, being timely relevant, sending tweets out, uploading videos to YouTube by their editor in record time (I’m looking at you Lupo) the engagement economy of fortnite just got rocked and while I’m sure they have to reboot the game at some point soon when they do they better bring the noise with the next season or otherwise they are gonna probably face and interesting bunch of pushback.

maybe it might snap a few gamers back to reality (whoops there goes gravity, literally) in terms of the real world, maybe this is a sub-text narrative that epic have about the current state of the world, maybe this is the new way that voting and elections will be cast in the future?

I mean the hardcore elite won’t stop playing no matter what, I mean they were playing a space game with a slice of pizza for fucks sake so I mean these people at this point will do anything to be part of whatever is ‘digitally relevant’ in the moment, that’s the streamers no1 currency, forget crypto, it’s about the right data in the right moment, something they can flip with an attentive audience in realtime.

I wonder how many kids and hardcore devoted to this game, the ones that play for twelve hours a day, treat it like a job, progressing through league matches, collecting all the hints and tips, trying to get to a contest feel today, those too young to deal with a loss like this feel, for many I’m sure it’s like a losing a loved one. I’m guessing that epic did a bad thing also yesterday in dealing emotional pain to those not prepared to deal with such a thing forced onto them in this manner. Gonna be a lot of blond bang punk kids upset in class today.

11 - I 146 - was 15 - not 62 - alone 87 - others 14 - are 106 - outside 2 - the 150 - loop 69- this 146- was 15- not 36- calculated 2- The 176- Nothing 8- is 160- now 65- inevitable

Maybe it’s time for people to actually interact with the real world before dedicating more time to a centralised expression of a virtual one that ultimately has your destiny controllable by their centralised actions. Those v-bucks you own, do you have them right now? What about those skins you invested in, can you do something with them at this moment, can you trade them, move them, sell them? — yeah, thought so, that blows.

The world is often bigger than your internet connection and login data, maybe the wakeup call might get you back on track to actually do something more productive with your time on planet earth now?

Unfortunately I know the answer to that one myself ;)

Peace and Love,

P.S — it’s gonna be back today OR seven days time, depends on the stand up meetings at epic today, I’m sure they have a fluid situation with this.

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I agree! It would be very funny if they ended the game like this.

But what big corporation would say no to money???


maybe they made enough to pivot to buying an island ;)

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Well the skins can't be sold or anything, but you generally accept that. Just like I accept I can sell my Blockchain Cuties, I accept that I can't sell the things I get in other types of games like Fortnite. There's other purchases I've made in the past that I'd care more about getting my money back from than anything I've bought in Fortnite (and even still I've still only probably spent about the amount you would spend on buying Fortnite if you had to buy it outright instead of it being free to play, and I got extra stuff for spending that money).

Gaming is just an interest just like any other, so it's part of the real world anyway. Also I make a variety of content including gaming content and I would call making my gaming content productive. It involves learning, planning, commentating, editing, marketing and well, work honestly. Enjoyable work, but still work. Making a gaming video is making something therefore it is productive. It is as productive as any other art form (and I'm saying this as an artist that makes other types of art too, not just gaming content).

As for the real world, what counts as the real world if it doesn't include our interests? If playing Fortnite with my partner and friends talking over voice chat doesn't count as part of the real world, does playing Dungeons and Dragons face to face, or maybe playing a board game that doesn't have roleplay elements, or is writing on Steemit part of the real world? Interests are part of the real world. The universes related to those interests might not be (ie playing Fortnite is part of the real world, but the actual Fortnite map is not part of the real world as in you can't go there and visit it or alternative playing D&D is part of the real world, but the actual places and people in D&D aren't part of the real world).

There's a lot of stuff out there that can be a lot of fun and what we all find fun differs but all of the fun things people enjoy doing are part of the real world as activities (for example, the world of Harry Potter does not exist, but the activities of reading the books, watching the movies and being part of the fandom and engaging with the fandom are all part of the real world).

If the real world doesn't include interests like my creative interests, technology, all forms of gaming (board gaming, card gaming, VR, video games, RPG's etc - all forms pretty much), awesome fiction in multiple formats (both book / comic and screen) and technology including robots, I don't want to live in that real world. It would also be a lot more boring. I am in the real world but my real world includes my interests and I wouldn't have it any other way. My interests improve my life substantially. Some of them are even special interests and engaging with those interests is one of the best things I can do for my health and wellbeing.

Regardless, making gaming content is productive though. It is creating something which is a productive thing to do.

As for Epic's decision, that was pretty awesome really. It was like how a TV show leaves you with a cliffhanger or dramatic moment at the end of a season and then you don't see it resolved for a while. On an artistic level, that was quite well done. The only downside is that the kid portion of the game's audience may have been more naive and freaked out about it. The adults who play it would be less likely to fall for that. Some adults would and not all kids would, but on average the kids are at more risk of thinking it is real and overreacting to it.