Totti id worried to search players.bisy playing cellphones

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Totti is worried to see players busy playing cellphones
Roma - Roma director Francesco Totti connected the lifestyle of today's soccer players who spend more time after training by playing cellphones. according to Totti, the moment after training is very good to mingle with teammates.
In order to create emotional closeness with each other.
The legend has seen things happen in recent years since he was still active as a professional soccer player. This anger was contained in the autobiography book published by Totti some time ago. All players now isolate themselves
Change room with each cellphone. Busy opening the web and sending messages, said Totti.
Totti is not surprised that the teams today do not have the atmosphere of intimacy and kinship as before.
As a result between players there is no relationship that is too close.
There is nothing truly compact in one team, said Totti.
Totti labeled players across generations. the prince of Rome felt football since the Roberto Baggio era, Diego Maradona until the Gianluigi Donnarumma era. So Totti can
Compare the behavior and habits of soccer players according to their time.
Totti has been active from 1992 to 2017. During his career, Totti only defended AS Roma.
Related to cellphones, Totti actually
Never become viral. Namely when he took a photo with the AS Roma supporter who shouted flattering after the game ..😘😘

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