Remedy... A One Paragraph Fox Tale

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The night was quiet.. the winds slept, the birds silently hovered, and even the stars were dim. Beneath white sheets, behind closed doors, Heather stirred as familiar hands traced her bare skin. A sigh escaped her parting lips as she slowly awoke. She knew who it was, but as the thought reached her conscious mind, her conflictions arrived with it. Joy was her twin, brought to her from birth, joined by more than just sisterhood.. another sigh involuntarily came from Heather, she tried to concentrate.. soft hands caressed her legs as moist lips hovered just beneath her wet center... Heather loved Joy, but she also knew it couldn't be. Society stood in her path, and Joy too. For Joy loved men, even as she loved Heather. It was a truth she didn't know how to accept.. until.. Heather's thoughts faded as her pleasure intensified.. She loved Joy, yet felt hurt by the truth of her love... her pleasure heightened as she tried to focus on her thoughts... Why couldn't Joy be hers?.. she bit her lower lip, fingers digging into soft sheets.. why couldn't Joy just love her, and her alone...? A gasp of satisfaction briefly threatened to break the night's quiet... Heather looked into the mirror, her eyes distant, as Joy kissed her tenderly on the cheek. She saw mixed emotions in the eyes that stared back at her, betraying the truth she had belatedly come to realize.. that her torture had become her remedy...



Life seems to be moving at a fast pace for me right now, and i can hardly find time to pause and reflect, least to write...

Perhaps I'll be writing a second story for this...



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I read somewhere that twins are the reincarnation of past lovers. 🤔



How apt that would be in the context of this story... Looks like you just feed my muse again 🤗

I can't decide if this makes me happy or even sadder that I don't have a twin! The depths of the unspoken bond, the evolution of intimacy in the sharing of lives. The stolen moments, and the love between them, they have hidden it from the world, and what had hurt her becomes a secret refuge, a sanctuary just for them. You bring a lot of emotional movement here, going from her emotions distracting from her being able to enjoy the moment, to seeing it differently. It wasn't that Joy couldn't be hers, she couldn't not be, despite everything.

stolen moments under the sheets of the dark
two who are one, can't bear to be apart



It wasn't that Joy couldn't be hers, she couldn't not be, despite everything.

Words so apt...

And that little bit of poetry... Oh Cal, words so apt...